Fort Penn Construction

Reserve Square Tower Apartments

Cleveland, Ohio

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Fort Penn Construction, LLC

In 1999, Tony’s masonry company's contracts were bought out by a larger restoration company. Because of his past experience he was asked to run the largest job in the company’s history. The job consisted of the complete exterior restoration of the Reserve Square

Apartments in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. This project consisted of removing all of the windows from the inside of occupied apartments in order to re-work the seals; installing knew rollers where needed; and the re-installation of the windows. The exterior restoration consisted of re-caulking the perimeter, and all seams, of each individual curtain wall, repairing any deteriorated concrete, and power washing and then coating all concrete surfaces on all sides of the two twenty-three story towers. A two year project with over forty workers from six different union halls, had a scope of approximately 3.6 million dollars.