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Complete rebuild on 3 chimneys on a Civil War era house built in Fremont. The customers major concern was keeping with the historic feel of the house, yet building chimneys that would stand the test of time.  

Complete rebuild of a water damaged chimney that had been repaired by a homeowner in past, causing further damage to the chimney and roof area.

Water damaged chimney caused by dummy flues, a cracked mortar top, and corbelling causing water to infiltrate brick. Rebuild with no corbelling and a concrete top over chimney.

Water damaged chimneys in need of rebuild without an exact product match. Decorative offsets were used to break the visual look of the chimney to create the illusion that the product matched. When nothing  a close product is not available complete tear down to roof is an option.

Text Box: In some cases chimney needs to be rebuilt in the middle without tearing down the entire chimney due to size.

Difficult Scaffolding

Chimneys which are difficult to access are common experience for us. We have the scaffolding expertise to safely reach any situation that arises.

Prefab Chimneys

In a prefabricated chimney, the visible sign of rust can be an indication of much larger problem. A rusted chase pan should be inspected to determine whether interior damage is occurring.

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Factory made chase pans made of galvanized steel have a history of rusting and leaking causing expensive damage to the inside of chimney.

Mortar tops or crown washes made of mortar tend to crack and weather away leaving the tops of bricks exposed to the elements allowing water to infiltrate and cause damage.

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Water damaged chimney that was exaggerated by latex paint trapping water into the brick. Rebuilt as needed and replace mortar top with stronger concrete top.